Instagram challenge and image by Joanne Hawker
Friday 1st March 2019

It’s the first day of #MarchMeetTheMaker and I’m taking part! The brilliant designer and illustrator Joanne Hawker is running this month long Instagram challenge, helping makers to show the world who they are and what they do!

I don’t think that it’s uncommon for folk to find it hard to put themselves and their work “out there”, particularly when your final offering includes any visual element of creativity. And this is by no means limited to the handmade community! It’s like saying, “hey there everyone, here’s a little piece of me out here in the big wide world” and then holding your breath that it will be liked, what you stand for will be liked. That YOU will be liked…

The genius of Joanne’s campaign is that there’s a real feeling of being “in it together”. A true sense of collaboration vs. competition, echoed also in her Face Book community Hey there Maker! And everyone’s braver with a hand to hold right?!

This also extends to how to get involved, even down to where to start with what to write and the images to show. Check out the MarchMeetTheMaker website and it’s not too late to get involved, either pick up from the day we’re on, post retrospectively or even just pledge yourself to enter the mini week long challenge later in the year.

So here we go! 31 days sounds like a lot, but I’m trying to remember that this is me time! Time to reflect and remember where it started; time to bring those original motivators back to the forefront; time to think about the direction in the Snug is moving in; time to be creative with words and imagery; time to recognise those achievements; time to feel proud!

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