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21 June at BBC Radio Northampton in Helen Blaby‘s lunchtime chat room! Lots of laughs shared with Helen & Emma Parker of Pink Clouding Clothing. It was an eclectic show to say the least; animals, babies, baby animals, bullet journals, love island. Helen even played a bit of Tiffany! “”I think we’re alone now hmmm hm hm hmm””

Could you wish for any more from your Friday lunchtime listening? Well, we gave it anyway!!…

Listen from 18 minutes into the show to hear me talk about Sustainable Fashion, its importance in reducing our footprint on the planet, how to make greener garment choices and a taste of my forthcoming Sew me Sustainable workshops…remember places will be limited, so keep up to date with my socials for dates and locations…

Then from 43 minutes in, hear Emma’s important campaign message about early detection of breast cancer, how she’s supporting the important work done by the fabulous charity Coppa Feel with her Glittery Breast tees and how the exceptionally talented Miss Terri Tattoos is struggling to reach the people who most need her due to auto censorship across the socials…

Click below to listen to my segment or listen to the full sho via the BBC Sounds app


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