Happy Blue Monday

What does the colour blue mean to you?

I’m turning Blue Monday on it’s media-fuelled head…

BLUE is my favourite colour 💙 it evokes so many feelings and emotions, but why tag it with negativity?

It’s the sky, it’s the sea, it’s the mountain-top light,

it’s delphiniums, Kingfishers, Robin eggs & Neptune,

it’s my best fitting jeans, sapphires, fine painted pottery, the Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai,

it’s the best coloured smarties, Cookie Monster AND the Smurfs.

Its all of the feels these things give you.

It’s NOT a description of a day in January designed with the intention of selling you “things” to make you feel “better”.

Poor old Monday and poor old BLUE. Let’s remember how beautiful this fabulous primary colour is and how important it is to our well being 💙 and with spring just around the corner, we’ll be seeing plenty more of it soon!Blue

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