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Live in the Chat Room

21 June at BBC Radio Northampton in Helen Blaby‘s lunchtime chat room! Lots of laughs shared with Helen & Emma Parker of Pink Clouding Clothing. It was an eclectic show to say the least; animals, babies, baby animals, bullet journals, love island. Helen even played a bit of Tiffany! “”I think we’re alone now hmmm […]

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(More) Sustainable Fashion

we have gone from making our own garments or furnishings from what we had because of shortage and hardship to now finding there is a need to use what we have in an effort to tackle abundance and ease to consume…

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On the radio (again?!)

Well! It’s not every day that you get to be on the radio with your BFF of 28 years (yes Vicki Pearce, that’s you ❤), add in another fabulous Vicky (it’s all in the name! Vicky Roberts of The Happy Little Cake Company), all brought together wonderfully by the brilliant Helen Blaby! (Okay John, we […]

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International womens day

I saw this fabulous image on Planoly’s International Womens Day article today and I was struck by how much this beautiful work spoke to me of collaboration over competition and how I believe in this in every aspect. For it to be true collaboration though it means crediting all those involved fairly; their ideas shared, […]

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On the radio

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Helen Blaby on BBC Radio Northampton. We chatted about The Great British Sewing Bee (series 5) and it’s allure to the masses; Simply SEWcial, the community sewing group I host; and of course in the Snug! So much fun speaking with Helen and learning about her own […]

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It’s like saying, “hey there everyone, here’s a little piece of me out here in the big wide world” and then holding your breath that it will be liked, what you stand for will be liked. That YOU will be liked…

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